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Everyone is focused on teaching CEOs how to grow as leaders. 

Who is helping you, the COO?

After identifying this need, Cameron Herold knew he had to launch the COO Alliance to assist you, the COO, in raising your game. The COO Alliance is the start of an exclusive COO brain trust, and if you qualify, your exclusive opportunity to learn from and connect with other top high-growth COOs from around North America. 


Learn from other COOs. Connect and grow with your peers.

Surround yourself with other top seconds in command and pick three events to attend in gorgeous Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ. At each of the events, in addition to two full days of guidance from the high-growth master himself, Cameron Herold, you’ll learn from the wisdom of the crowd. We're firm believers that there isn't a problem this network of high-achieving peers can't help you solve.

COO Alliance Members will be working exclusively with Cameron and other top COOs at each event. It's like getting the cheat sheets to catapult your executive leadership to the next level. You want to join the COO Alliance to finally be able to learn and connect with the other greats in your field, and you'll leave with something even more valuablea top-knotch COO community.  

Benefits include:

  • Membership by invitation only for Qualified Members
  • Closed private Facebook group to share & learn from members in between events
  • Accountability Partners between events
  • Free access to all of Cameron’s speaking events
  • Free Book Club Chapters
  • Exclusive access to COO Interviews
  • Online access to 10-Minute Talks


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Core COO Alliance Content:

  • CEO/COO Relationship Issues
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Career/Life Balance as a COO
  • Managing Growth
  • Communication
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Leadership Skill Development
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Pricing and Features:

  • $20,000 USD per year
  • Group discount on hotel*
  • Meals included
  • World-class content
  • Networking
  • Exclusive COO community
*Hotel and airfare not included
I felt like I had finally found my people. All of a sudden, I have this group of people that really get it. I didn't have to explain the issues I needed help with. The COO Alliance members already understood and were able to help me with solutions. Now I'm part of a community that will help me grow as my company grows.
Corrie Bouw Credit Risk Management Canada

Corrie Bouw Chief Operating Officer at Credit Risk Management Canada Ltd.

My CEO participates in a number of programs to help him develop so when I heard about the COO Alliance, I was excited to join. Even though the members of the COO Alliance come from a variety of industries, there are a lot of ideas that are transferable. I take what I learn from each meeting and use it as soon as I get back to the office.
Matt Wool General Manager at Acceleration Partners

Matt Wool General Manager at Acceleration Partners

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